Optus Transmission Projects

Optus Transmission Projects

The SC Services technical and fibre teams work together to complete transmission projects for core, fibre, customer access and wireless networks. Over 1000 transmission links have been successfully built, tested and commissioned by SC Services over the past 5 years.





Activities completed include:

  • Dark Fibre splicing - TYCO,  FIST, FOSC re-enterable joint preparation, splicing, testing and labelling
  • Live fibre network splicing on carrier, wireless and customer Optus fibre networks
  • Leased line, microwave and ethernet transmission build, test and commission
  • Internal building riser fibre installation, termination and testing 
  • Wideband end to end fibre pathway installation, splicing, testing and commissioning
  • Complete work books, line diagrams and as builts produced
  • Decommissioning and recovery works

Current Projects

  • Asbestos Removal Works
    Asbestos Removal Works
  • NBN Fibre Jointing, Splicing and Testing
    NBN Fibre Jointing, Splicing and Testing