Fibre Optic Capabilities

The complexity of fibre optics is a specialised area that requires highly trained and experienced technicians. The fibre optic experts at S.C. Services have a wealth of experience in providing turnkey solutions for both minor and major fibre optics. Whether you require cabling, splicing, testing or commissioning, the team at S.C. Services will deliver expert results. 

Don’t leave the complexities of fibre optics to chance. Our highly skilled splicing technicians are fully equipped in jointing vehicles with fusion splicing machines, live fibre identifiers, OTDR's, light source and power meters. Ultimately, you can trust that the SCS professional approach in fibre optic solutions will be identified conceptualised and implemented, with complete workbooks, line diagrams and as built photos. 


S.C. Services specialises in the following areas:

  • Dark Fibre splicing - TYCO, UCN, FIST, FOSC, Channel re-enterable joint preparation, splicing, testing and labelling
  • Live fibre network splicing on NBN, Telstra, Optus, TPG and Pipe Network carrier and customer fibre networks
  • Internal building riser fibre installation, termination and testing - Single Mode, Multi Mode and ribbon|
  • Wideband end to end fibre pathway installation, splicing and commissioning
  • Complete work books, line diagrams and as builts produced
  • FTTX Exchange and roadside infrastructure HDODF, OFDF, FDH, DLM, LM and HONT installation and commissioning
  • Decommissioning and recovery works
  • Civils, hauling and duct audit works

Current Projects

  • Asbestos Removal Works
    Asbestos Removal Works
  • NBN Fibre Jointing, Splicing and Testing
    NBN Fibre Jointing, Splicing and Testing