Technical Capabilities

The team at SC Services has highly trained and experienced technicians on Carrier grade network infrastructure. If your project team is looking to install, integrate or commission new telecommunications infrastructure across fibre, copper, microwave or wireless networks, SCS provides the full service solution for you.  SCS also provide normal hours service support and fault finding/ rectification, as well as 24/7 reactive and programmed maintenance services for your network. 

S.C. Services specialises in the following areas:

  • Rack, stack, DC power, fibre including ribbon splicing
  • Fibre Patching, Node Integration and Commissioning 
  • DWDM  fibre patching and Node Installation
  • Fibre remediation and testing Works
  • Fibre Transit Links Builds – fibre path splicing/ testing between exchanges and Mobile Sites 
  • Customer Wide Band – hauling, splicing, internal plant, equipment installation and commissioning 
  • FTTP Estate splicing and test 
  • Roadside CMUX/ISAM/ MSAN Build, test and commission
  • Splicing of live and dark Fibre, including all OTDR and ILM testing.
  • CMUX/ISAM/ MSAN cabinet retrofits  
  • Customer/ Network transmission builds & commissioning 
  • Fibre Lead-in fibre haul and splicing in carrier pits and carrier exchanges.
  • Mobiles transmission "End to End" on fibre - PDH/ SDH
  • LTE 4G, 3G – Civils, AC power, DC power, external and internal builds, I&C  
  • DSLAM design and build work , superstructure, rack, stack, DC power 
  • Microwave transmission builds and cut overs 
  • Customer DSL installations and ADSL/ISDN/EOC service calls 
  • Exchange superstructure and ironwork (incl. Engineering Certification)
  • Exchange D.C. Power primary and secondary
  • A.C. electrical work
  • All As Builts, DBOR’s, MIT’s, Handover documentation, fibre workbooks are completed in house
  • Internal building riser fibre installation, termination and testing - Single Mode, Multi Mode and ribbon
  • Complete sets of work books, line diagrams and as builts produced
  • FTTX Exchange and roadside infrastructure HDODF, OFDF, FDH, DLM, LM and HONT installation and commissioning
  • Decommissioning and recovery works
  • Civils, hauling and duct audit works

Current Projects

  • Asbestos Removal Works
    Asbestos Removal Works
  • NBN Fibre Jointing, Splicing and Testing
    NBN Fibre Jointing, Splicing and Testing