Capacity and Quality Upgrades

Capacity and Quality Upgrades







SC Services has been a preferred ASP (Approved Service Provider) to Optus for over 14 years. SC Services has successfully completed over 500 Optus site upgrades and greenfield site builds. SCS specialise in the following on site wireless activities.

  • Installation, commissioning and integration of 3G/4G & 5G technologies
  • RAN capacity and quality upgrades
  • Civil and electrical upgrades
  • Foundation strengthening
  • Tower strengthening
  • Tower, monopole and mast erection
  • Headframe installations and swaps
  • Turret extensions
  • Rooftop installations
  • Antenna, RRU, Feeder & Hybrid installations
  • Cable tray & ladder installations
  • Outdoor unit & shelter placements
  • Earthing & lightning protection
  • Compound fencing
  • Rooftop penetrations, weatherproofing & core drilling
  • Sub surface scanning
  • Anti climb devices
  • Ladsafe installation & certification

    SC Services Optus ProjectSCS Optus Project

Current Projects

  • 3G/4G/5G Technologies
    3G/4G/5G Technologies
  • Greenfields